Flooring Installation

When you invest in new flooring, you want to also know that you will get the best flooring installation services possible. But, frankly, how can you know, for sure, that the installers doing the work are top-notch professionals? We have an answer to that. It is our life-time guarantee on all flooring installations that we do for our customers. We take installing your new flooring to perfection seriously!


So, why are we willing to offer such an incredible guarantee? Here are a few reasons:

Our flooring installers are some of the most highly trained and experienced installers in Louisville. They have years of experience installing all types of flooring systems. We can install carpet, hardwood, tile, laminate, resilient, and vinyl flooring to very high standards of quality. There is virtually no type of flooring that we have not mastered in terms of installation.

Because of our many years of installing various types of flooring, we can also do the custom work that many other installers cannot. For instance, we can install hardwood steps and stairs, to include both treads and risers. Our professionals can install both ceramic and porcelain tile flooring, as well as stone flooring. And when it comes to carpet and luxury vinyl tile (or plank) flooring, nobody comes close to our quality results.

It may sound like we are bragging; we are not. Our expertise in flooring installation came through hard work and long hours. We would like to offer this same level of expertise to you.

If you need high-quality flooring installation services, visit with Conner's Flooring in Louisville, KY. We serve a large area that includes: Louisville, Middletown, St. Matthews, and Prospect KY; as well as Jeffersonville and Memphis, IN.

Please, keep in mind that with our flooring installation services you get a life-time guarantee!