Design Consultation

Sometimes it is hard knowing what to do during home improvement projects, and having access to expert design consultation services can be a great help when you are not quite sure about your options. At Conner's Flooring in Louisville, we offer a wonderful service to our customers who need a bit of help, guidance, or just accurate information.

Our experts can help you in a variety of ways. We can, for instance, show you a complete selection of flooring systems. Whether it be carpet, hardwood, laminate, or luxury vinyl flooring, we can show you the best quality systems, in price ranges that fit your budget.


If, for instance, you have a carpeted hallway that you would like to change, we can show you options in hardwood, luxury vinyl tile or plank that can make that old hallway look new and exciting again. Do your kitchen or bathrooms look dated and out-of-style? We can help you come up with new ideas that will restore those rooms into spaces that will thrill you and your family.

Are you looking for smaller projects such as adding new tile backsplashes or accent tiles to your home? We can help with that as well. Our free design consultation service is here to help you! We can show you the latest materials, décor ideas, and even help you to budget your project, showing you ways to save money, while still getting the best quality results. The simple truth is you do not have to go through your project alone. Whether it is a big kitchen or bathroom remodeling job, or new carpet in your living room, we are here to assist you in any way that we can. And, when you use our free design consultation service, you always get accurate information, including cost estimates.

If you live in Louisville and are thinking of a particular home improvement, come by and see us first. You may be surprised and amazed at how helpful we can be. Avoid all the stress and take advantage of our design consultation service today.