Have you ever shopped for carpet only to find that you were faced with a very small, limited selection from which to choose? If you have, you are not alone. Now, however, you can visit with Conner's Flooring in Louisville, KY and find an enormous selection of fine, high-quality carpeting. Want to know more?

If you are thinking that we carry those no-name brands of carpet and that is why we have such a huge selection. Nope. We carry two of the best names in carpeting: Mohawk Industries and Beaulieu. These companies are known the world over as two of the best and most trusted flooring manufacturers in the entire flooring industry. When you purchase flooring from these companies, you are assured of high quality. Period!

When you visit one of our showrooms, we have two in Louisville, you will discover that you will easily be able to find the perfect carpeting for your needs, budget, and décor ideas. We carry the most popular fiber brands such as EverStrand™, PermaStrand™, SmartStrand®, and SmartStrand Silk. If you have not seen these new fiber brands, you owe it to yourself to do so before buying anything else. And if you have been searching for the Wear-Dated brand, we have 85 options right here, just waiting for you.

While our residential line of carpet is very impressive, we also carry some great options for commercial applications. If it is time for your workplace to get new carpeting, visit with us first. We are confident that you will like what you find here.

In addition to providing our customers with one of the largest selections of fine carpet in this entire region, we also provide you with the best installation services. We are so confident in our installations, that we offer a life-time guarantee on all installations that we do. Yes, you read that correctly...lifetime! You will have to look far and wide to find another local flooring company that offers such a great guarantee on their work.

Anyone who has been thinking of having new carpet installed in either their home or business, can visit with Conner's Flooring in Louisville, KY, where we will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect flooring for your individual needs.