Churchill Downs has long been a beloved historic site in Louisville. It has also seen some wonderful racing over the decades. Now, the old girl is going to get a face-lift, and it will be a big one. Plans are to modernize parts of the structure by adding a variety of new places. Here is the beginning of the story that details all of the additions that we may see before too long.

“Churchill Downs says it will complete a $37 million project in time to add more than 1,800 seats for the 2018 Kentucky Derby. The Louisville track says the project will add new luxury suites, interior dining tables and third-floor seats. The new space on the north end of the facility will have three floors of individual suites and dining and event space.”

There will, of course, be some who would prefer to keep the place as it is to preserve its history. Others are ready to see the changes, as the track is in need of many improvements. Many of the customers who visit with us at Conner's Flooring also want to make improvements, either to their home or business, and we often recommend COREtec waterproof flooring. There are some reasons why we suggest our customers look into this remarkable flooring system. Here are a few of them.

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