The news feed stories that we at Conner's Flooring usually post have to do with owning a home, improving your home, real estate, and things like that. This time, however, we felt compelled to share a story about true love and compassion found right here in Louisville over the Christmas season. We were so pleased to see this story, and we would like to share it with you. Here is the first part of that story from the Courier-Journal:

“Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence stopped by Norton Children's Hospital on Saturday to share some holiday cheer with patients and staff. This isn't the first time the Louisville native visited the hospital. She's made a surprise Christmas visit every year since 2013. And in February, she donated $2 million to establish the Jennifer Lawrence Foundation Cardiac Intensive Care Unit.”


This is not the first time that Lawrence has turned up at hospitals, including Norton, and she always does it without telling anyone she is coming. We like that about her. And this just shows that there are a lot of ways for us be good to each other.

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